Long Shenq

LS650 Inverter

AC Drive is a mini power saving inverter. It features the most simple AC induction motor controller from 200W up to 1.5kW for 220VAC and 440VAC Class. The status indicator LED and 7-segment display are built in and can show the data value for the easy reading.

Voltage: 200V & 440V
Input: 1-Phase & 3-Phase
Usage: Induction Motors (IM), Permanent Magnet Motors (PM), Brushless DC Motors (BLDC), Synchronous Reluctance Motors (SynRM)
Power Range:
  • 220V Class (1-Phase Input) 200W~1.5kW
  • 220V Class (3-Phase Input) 200W~1.5kW
  • 440V Class (3-Phase Input) 400W~1.5kW


  • No contact ensures, no transmission and maintenance requested.
  • Conveyor
  • Soft start/stop function enables goods to stand still on conveyor.
  • Single Phase Power Input
  • Using single-phase power drives three-phase motor to rise the efficiency.
  • Flow Machine(Fan-Pump)
  • Changing motor speed smoothly makes the best of flow to save energy

Board Application:

AC Drive with high-speed current limit prevent over current (200% or more of the rated current), trip-less operation (Momentary power loss restart, stall prevention, fault reset)